We open the calendar every Thursday. Because this is an Honorary Consulate and all our services rely on the availability of volunteers, we do not allow appointment made more than 2 weeks in advance. If you have long-range scheduling needs, please reserve an appointment before the Consulate in Los Angeles, CA. If you see no slots available it’s because they are all taken for the next 2 weeks AND/OR we are in the process of verifying the current AIRE registration. Rather than sending us emails asking when new appointment will become available, please check our calendar often because cancellations are always possible.

Italian citizenship: Phone calls/emails requesting appointments/information will not be returned because Italian citizenship is outside the scope of the services that this Honorary Consulate is authorized to carry out. Please contact the General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles, CA and click on the following link for more details: https://conslosangeles.esteri.it/consolato_losangeles/en/i_servizi/per-i-cittadini/cittadinanza/

Passport applicants residing in Arizona: Please make an appointment using the calendar below (1 applicant per slot). Please note: as of February 23, 2023, INCOMPLETE applications presented at the time of your appointment is ground for rejection of our services as it is unfair onto us and anybody else in queue to wait that you complete paperwork when you come in for your fingerprint when you could have done that ahead of time. The forms are available on our website.

Visa applicants/notary services/life declaration forms/RedEst forms/pension matters for residents of Arizona only: Please make an appointment using the calendar below.